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My name is Tom Gibaud and I am from Bournemouth, England.

I am a ISSA Master Level Trainer, passionate about health and fitness and my mission is to work with clients to help and support them to reach their fitness potential. My aim is to use my knowledge and expertise that I have gained over the past decade to help clients achieve results which will positively impact their lives. My experience as a high performance tennis coach, personal trainer and nutrition coach, has shown me how satisfying this process can be for both coach and client.
Results come from hard work, discipline and consistency but having someone there to support and guide you through each stage is the key to success.
I always give 100% commitment to each of my clients and my programs are tailored to each individual to ensure effective results. Your success is my success.
Some of my achievements in this time where
  • US Tennis Association – winner of 2017 Kansas High Performance Coach of the Year.

  • US Tennis Association – nominated for the 2017 Mid West High Performance Coach of the Year 2017.

  • Genesis Health Clubs Tennis Professional of the Year 2018.

I have now turned my skills, acquired in my time in the US to focus purely on health and fitness, in the UK, which is my biggest passion in life.

I believe that knowledge is power and I continue to educate myself to insure I provide the most accurate advice services for my clients


–ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Master Level Trainer
* ISSA Strength and Conditioning Certification
* ISSA Specialist in Nutrition
* ISSA Specialist in Sport Nutrition
* ISSA Specialist in Personal Transformation
* ISSA Specialist Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning
* ISSA Specialist in Fitness Business DevelopmentBA in Human Communications StudiesLTA Level 1 and 2 Tennis coaching certificati


 Morgan Gibaud Health service’s will provide the following to anyone, anywhere!

•Personal Training at Snap Fitness 24/7
•Online Personal Training Coaching
•Training Programs
•Nutrition consulting
•Online Nutrition Coaching
•Nutrition Plans
• Tennis Consulting and Mentoring


Monday to Thursday 5am to 8pm

Friday and Saturday 5am to 2pm

Limited spaces available but will work to make something fit!

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