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Review: Brilliant PT

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I have been training with Mitch for just over a year now and to be honest, I can’t believe what he’s achieved in that time. He has transformed me physically more than I ever thought possible, and at 46 I feel better, look better and am stronger than ever. Best of all, we just get on with it, he is a very intuitive and client-focused trainer, and I have learned that I can trust him 100%. He always makes me feel like I can achieve and do anything. He pushes me hard but I know he wont ask me to do anything I’m not comfortable with. He’s funny too – so sessions are a laugh. He is tough though, which I like. Ultimately, if he tells me I can do something, I believe him and therefore I keep achieving and surpassing any goals I have. Honestly, I doubt I could have found a better trainer.


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