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Manipura Flow Yoga & PT

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Hi my name is Liv,

My qualification is RYT 200hr and I’m currently working towards my L3 PT qualification.

What I offer

 1-2-1 bespoke yoga sessions and monthly plans, with sessions geared towards achieving specific goals, whether that be complimenting heavy resistance training with mobility and core strength based flows, or simply as a way of building physical strength alone.

Vinyasa for strength and yoga for mobility 1-2-1 60 minute classes currently run at £35 a session with an option to purchase a monthly package which includes 1 face to face session a week, plus 24/7 guidance and a home stretching regimen in between sessions, which is priced at £95.

I’m working out of Urban Health and Fitness, both the Christchurch and Boscombe sites, however mostly the Christchurch site for yoga unless that is inaccessible.

About Me:

Having started my yoga and wellness journey aged 13, I finally realised my dream of travelling to Bali and completing my 200hr yoga teacher training with Yoga Union Bali. A voyage of self love, discovery, strength and resilience, Manipura Yoga was born. A culmination of years of research into mental health (as well as being a certified mental health first aider) and strength training, I offer bespoke Vinyasa for strength classes focussing on building strength and mobility in the physical body as well as fluidity, patience and discipline in the mind. A class with both flowing movements and structured isometric holds to truly help you to release your true potential, gaining strength in every sense of the word, both on and off the mat. My love of strength training and using it as a tool to battle mental illness lead me to undertake my L3 in Personal Training and Fitness Instruction so that I can help others to be their best selves, to aid them on a journey to self love and self empowerment, realising their true potential on and off the mat. In our 1-2-1 sessions, we will have a class that I have expertly created just for you, to work on what needs to be addressed, whether that be aiding your resistance training or purely to build strength alone; with a monthly plan, you get 1 bespoke class a week, plus 24/7 support in addition to a stretching regimen and tracking of your goals.

Special offers

I’m offering a 30% discount on 121 bespoke vinyasa yoga for strength sessions and monthly plans.

Limited time only! The discount applies to all future bookings if booked between now and the end of January.

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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm