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Review: Lauren is the best sports masseuse I have had

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Jack Williamson

Lauren is the best sports masseuse I have had and who I swear by only going to. I have had numerous different muscular issues through the quantity of training I do through football and gym. However Lauren, through the application of her simply superb knowledge of the musco-skeletal, always irradiates any issues.

She also applies a round the clock service and is excellent with answering any concerns over message. Or even providing short videos on specific stretches to do to help reduce muscular tension.

Lauren is also great for rehab purposes, as I first started using LMH therapy nearly 2 years ago after knee surgery. She helped me get back to match fitness ASAP after doing so much soft tissue work on the surrounding muscles.

I cannot recommend LMH therapy enough. Lauren is a personable, knowledgeable and charismatic individual. Who provides an excellent, well rounded service!


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