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Owen Ealey

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Sports Specific
Strength Training
Aerobic Training
Home Gym Included
Nutrition Support
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
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Doing the boring basics with a membership that goes unused?
Get the most out of your money and time for an affordable rate!
Have fun, learn and look forward to working out.

Private 1-2-1 attention
Private gym space
Free bespoke takeaway programmes
Tinita technology progress checks
Nutrition advice
Covid safe set up

– Level 3 advanced personal trainer
– BURN instructor
– Level 3 circuit instructor
– Level 2 fitness instructor

– Weight loss
– Rapid results
– Dietary advice
– Muscle building and toning

Special offers

Book in for your first personal training session FOR FREE!

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£23.00 to £25.00
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Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only
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Would highly recommend!

If you want to gain muscle or loose some weight I cannot recommend anyone else but Owen here… his 1 on 1 training is like nothing else and if you wanna see results within a month give him a chance to work his magic and you’ll be hooked!

5 star recommendation 🔥

Highly recommend!!

I can’t recommend Owen enough, if your looking for a PT look no further. Being a client who is unconfident and shy, his private home gym has been the perfect solution for me. Owen has put me at ease helping me to grow my self-esteem, meet my goals and achieve things I never thought I could! I always come away from my sessions happy, more knowledgeable and healthier than when I started. If you want to enjoy and look forward to every single session (I never thought I would) then he’s without a doubt the PT for you! Thank you so much Owen!

Supportive PT

Owen has really helped me on my journey to fitness; from not having done any training before, I now attend twice weekly sessions with the aim to increase my strength and overall level of fitness. As a more mature client, he has worked with me on a one to one level and has encouraged me throughout. Owen mixes up my sessions and incorporates targets which we work towards together. I am very pleased that Owen is available to me as my PT.

Best PT I’ve had!

If you want to sweat and feel like you’ve worked hard every minute of the session this is the PT for you. Owen has incredible knowledge and experience within fitness and weight loss! As well as this you have a session with him and they are all so versatile. Definitely recommend Owen if your looking for a PT to have fun with whilst working off those pounds.

Lockdown Weight Who?

I signed up with Owen after the first lockdown and with his guidance on diet and my regular weekly session I lost 9kg (19.8lb) in 12 weeks. He’s very reliable, consistent, dedicated and knowledgeable adapting the workouts to my own personal ability and goals. I will continue with Ealey Fitness for the foreseeable future. Highly recommend.

Best PT I’ve had!

I have had PT’s in the past but never really saw results until I started with Owen. I am noticing I am getting fitter by the week & smashing goals I never thought I could. I am very self conscious, but feel totally at ease when it comes to training with Owen, he’s a very down to earth understandable guy who pushes you to the limits but also realises that if you are struggling or can’t do a certain exercise he will adapt to what suits you and your fitness at the time, whilst still achieving results you want to see. I can’t recommend him enough!