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Total Fitness Gym

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Personal Training Support
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31 Swanley Lane , Kent, England BR8 7TL, United Kingdom
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The facility is home to the most cutting edge conditioning and strength equipment and is one of the first gyms in the UK to offer these state of the art machines.

Direct from one of Italy’s premier suppliers and one of the leaders in the fitness industry worldwide, Panatta Sport have used scientific research to ensure that the muscles you are focusing on are worked to their maximum capacity, which helps you to achieve your desired results. The gym boasts 60 pieces of equipment including touch screen cardio machines, a studio for fitness classes, a treatment room offering and a range of therapies.

The philosophy of the gym is that no one will feel intimated, rather that they will be encouraged to enjoy the success they achieve as they improve their fitness and general wellbeing.

Total Fitness Gym is committed to encouraging people to adopt an all-round approach to personal fitness and in making positive changes to their lifestyle. This twin approach will in turn help gym members boost energy and feel better about themselves. Fitness coaches will be able to advise potential members on the all-round approach needed to make the changes they have always dreamed of achieving.

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