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Pound For Pound Palace

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Personal Training Support
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Northam Road , Southampton, England SO14 0PF, United Kingdom
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Pound For Pound Show Ground is an ethical gym with true fitness values for the community. We pride ourselves as a C.I.C company that successfully carries out projects to improve the lives of others and facilitate personal development. We have increased female participation in sport,by using amateur boxing as the key to their fitness training, enjoyment and self defense. We have prevented re-offending within the community by working with Hampshire probation service and taking on candidates through our boxing tutor programme, providing them with skills to give back to the community and work with the community. We also have close links with local schools, colleges and universities that we hold weekly sessions for or even put into championships. Branching out into the city of Southampton is what we do best, working with Sportivate, Catch 22 and Mencp to deliver lots of opportunities for young people, less privileged or those with learning difficulties. If you want to know more or have an idea for a catchment of people, please get in touch and we will do every thing to make it happen. We are not just another street gym, we are the hub of the town, providing a place for people that come through the doors for all their own individual reasons.

Key attributes this gym has that you need to know:

We have no binding contracts.
You can pay as you go or set up a monthly payment.
We are cost effective and accessible to all within the heart of Southampton.
We promote organic food and sell vegan nutrition products.
We are a group functional training or personal training facility.
We promote natural body movements for exercise, we don’t use machines, we create them.
Boxing is at the core of our concept, in our experience everyone loves to punch something. Our members and clients are coached in boxing to stimulate endorphins, educate them in self defense and to feel good by the time they leave. Boxing raises self esteem and boosts confidence, it has helped us getting to where we want to be in life and face all challenges.

At Pound For Pound we like to keep all elements of exercise balanced, we have a variety of studio classes to compliment the hard hitting combat sports. We have a team of trainers that deliver;

Boxing – amateur and professional

Bootcamps – military style group training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mauy Thai

Circuits – the original high volume work out


Krav Maga – a military self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces

Pound For Pound Show Ground has high performance equipment and we love what we do.

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