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Phoenix Gym Norwich

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Personal Training Support
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37 Oak Street , Norfolk, England NR3 3DL, United Kingdom
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nce taking over in August 2013 Phoenix has invested over £300k in new equipment, facilities and building refurbishment. All the equipment has been carefully selected by industry experts to provide an unparalleled training “experience”.

To be motivated to go to the gym in the first place you need variety in the equipment options you have so that you can mix things up regularly and not get bored!

You need multiples of all the main exercises so that you don’t have to spend time queuing for machines and the gym needs to be laid out in such a way that your workout flows, you can superset exercises if you want to and get your workouts done without any unnecessary time or fuss.

To Phoenix Gym “Atmosphere is Everything!” Our team of trainers, coaches and reception staff are all handpicked to provide and reinforce a focused, supportive and motivational experience.

As such Phoenix attracts and retains like-minded members who all contribute to our amazing “Raise your Game” atmosphere. At Phoenix, we are strict on our Gym Rules and will not tolerate “bad apples” within the club.

Unlike larger corporate gyms with many thousands of members who do not respect the Brand, Staff or Gym Cleanliness Rules, Phoenix has a much smaller membership base and our members are all part of a community. Quite often we know our members on a first name basis and we hold our members accountable to all our gym rules, so that everyone can enjoy their workouts.

If members are consistently not willing to follow these rules, for example by putting their weights away and wiping their equipment down afterwards, then these members are not welcome within Phoenix Gym.

We provide monthly anti-viral fogging with lasts up to 30 days and have rigorous cleaning procedures on a daily basis, where all the equipment and touch points are cleaned many times per shift.

There are many convenient sanitise stations within each of the three training room around the gym, so that members can quickly and easily clean their equipment. All the equipment is at least 2 metres apart or has protective screens in between them and we recently installed heavy duty extractor fans throughout the gym to provide regular fresh air that is replaced on a regular basis.

Our recent refurbishment whilst closed during the Covid-19 shutdown gave us the perfect opportunity to freshen up all the facilities and reception area within Phoenix Gym for our members and the feedback has been fantastic.

Phoenix has two free car parks that are a short walk from reception. Lockers are provided as well as bag racks in each room so that you can access your things conveniently and keep an eye on them. CCTV is provided throughout the gym for safety and security.

We have both male and female changing facilities including showers, benches and mirrors. Reception staff are always available for pre, intra and post-workout drinks or supplements.

We provide multiple resistance bands for warming up, mobility and exercise progressions for exercises such as pull-ups or glute hip thrusts. Foam rollers are also available in our stretching area.

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