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Feel Fit Gym and Spa

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Personal Training Support
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34 Pound Way , Oxfordshire, England OX4 3XX, United Kingdom
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“Our philosophy is also our promise to you”

We believe that feeling fit is more than just working out. It is about taking control over your everyday life, keeping a balance between a hectic lifestyle and the natural need of refreshing yourself and your body. It’s about feeling healthier, better and stronger from our unavoidable daily mental and physical stress; it is about being in control.
We inspire our members by providing superior, state of the art facilities and by using our experience and specialised knowledge to help our members achieve their desired potential. We do not set the targets for you – we help you deliver them.

At feel fit we are passionate about looking after our body. It’s not all about working out – correct body alignment helps to prevent injuries and make you feel good after each session. Through the world class equipment allowing for proper biomechanics, we guarantee better results in less time without compromising.

State-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, toning circuits, free weights, swimming pools, indoor cycling studios, aerobic studios, and junior care facilities is just a taste of what is offered to you. But exercise need not be associated with pain or discomfort. Fully air-conditioned, spacious changing rooms and individual high power showers will invigorate your body and liven up your soul. Sauna and professional massage by qualified therapists will take your gym experience to a different level. While for others comfort may be an optional and often expensive add on to your exercise package, for us it is an integral part of our Feel Fit philosophy.

We provide you with the means and the environment to achieve the standards set by you for you. To make the change you want today. There is no single right way to train, as the central part of the Feeling Fit process is you, and every schedule is tailored to your needs and desires. Our fully customisable programmes and myriads of options allow you to pick whatever works best for you. You choose only what makes you Feel good, and we Feel you.
Our gyms are fitted with the best exercise equipment including:
* Cardiovascular and anaerobic stations, with the ultimate in weight machines, treadmills, rowers, cross-trainers and Functional training equipment.
* Free weight stations
* The Largest selection of Plate loaded Equipment
* Sport Specific Exercise Stations
* A dedicated warm-up and stretch facility
* Personal training area for your REPs Level 3 qualified trainer
Let our personal trainers navigate your fitness
All of our personal trainers are qualified to the rigorous REPs Level 3 standard of excellence, to make sure you exercise safely to meet your set standards and feel fit
• Our qualified personal trainers will ensure you get off to the right start by inspiring confidence if this is your first gym experience
• If you are a regular gym user they can boost your knowledge to help you maximise your individual potential
• If you would like an extra push or would just prefer an individual training programme, our personal trainers are always available for sessions

Luxury facilities

Relax after hard day’s work or just after your fitness regime or exercise in the gym with the access to individual high-power showers, sauna, and steam room or simply indulge and treat you to a massage with one of our professional masseur therapists.
Exercise entertainment
We will help you achieve your potential whatever your goals may be, by providing a motivating, fun exercising environment and a friendly and qualified staff. Our gym is equipped with the latest entertainment systems and a high tech Audio Visual System to entertain you during your workout, so you never feel tired and sluggish. Upbeat music helps you work harder for longer, ensuring we do all we can to provide you with a facility that gets you RESULTS.

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