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Review: Best gym in Dorset.

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Dan Morris

Jack, James and the team have built, and are continuing to build, something very special in E-motion.

It’s not just a gym – it’s a community based around helping people improve all aspects of their lives.

No matter your level of fitness or experience, there is something for you. The culture of education and support is prevalent throughout, and any of the coaches can, and will, support you where possible.

Alongside the training and culture, there is also a good level of ‘banter’. Not the lad down the pub type, but banter which is supportive and motivational – everyone is included.

With the move to the new gym happening in the coming month, E-motion is somewhere that aspiring athletes, gym-goers and anyone looking to improve their general life, needs to consider as their next training location.

You won’t regret it.


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