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E-Motion Fitness Hub

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12 Didcot Road , Nuffield Industrial Estate, England BH17 0GD, United Kingdom
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E-Motion fitness hub is a fitness and wellness facility that helps people to transform their physical, social and mental health by making professional coaching and education around fitness and nutrition simple and accessible, and through creating a supportive wellness community.


To make exercise, nutrition and coaching as effective as possible, you need to have consistency. We believe that being a part of a community, or a team is critical when it comes down to long term success. Being part of a team will give you the opportunity to share their issues and get support from other like minded people. It will also give you a sense of achievement helping others attain their physical and emotional goals as well as your own. It will also make you think twice about binning off a training session or eating too much junk food as you don’t want to let the rest of the team and community down!

In order to tackle and improve people’s physical, social & mental conditioning you need a professional coach with proven written and guided programming experience. To keep you on track, to achieve results as quickly and effectively as sustainably possible, to motivate you through the tough times and reward you when the end results are achieved!

We believe that preventative education is better than curing these issues! So we strive to be the leading fitness company on the south coast giving away FREE exercise, health and nutrition advice and content via our social media platforms, our physical workshops, seminars and charity work. To help people educate themselves to stay away from physical, social and mental health issues

2021 EXPANSION!! -check out our Instagram for more information!

Here are a few things to know about our BRAND NEW Facility…

Opening Early January 2021! ⁣

? Happycino Wellness Coffee Bar ⁣
? Semi-private strength & conditioning ⁣
? Expertly coached classes ⁣
? Open Gym ⁣
? Showers ⁣
? FREE parking ⁣
? State of the art gym equipment ⁣
? Open 7-days a week ⁣
? Leading expert nutritional support ⁣
? FREE ACCESS to workshops and fitness competitions

In addition to the amazing features our gym already offers we will soon be providing the following;

Bike Parking
Cycle Lockup
Wheelchair Access
Pigeon holes (not Lockers)
Dog Friendly
Multi member discount

LIMITED SPOTS LEFT! Get in touch today!

Date Established
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6:00 am - 8:30 pm
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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E-Motion ….More than just a gym…..
Natalie King

I joined E-Motion a year ago after moving to the area during a lockdown..! I knew I was hooked after the first week and it’s a testament to them that I get up at 530am to join them…. And if I don’t they are there checking in on me!
Jack and James have created something special and picked the right team to work alongside them!
More than just a gym, it’s about community, friendship, laughter and fun…. 🧡

The best gym ever
Becky Jupp

Jack and James have created an amazing gym. They make everyone feel comfortable and part of a team. That includes the unfit to the superfit; the overweight to the slim; the young to the old. They are not about body image but all about physical results and mental health. When I go to E-motion, I always have fun, work hard and leave super happy. I could not recommend it more highly.

More than just a gym

Jack, James and Ramona deliver a high quality, personal and supportive semi private PT classes. Before joining E-motion, I would avoid going anywhere near the weights section in other gyms and now I bloody love lifting weights!! E-motion offers an inclusive and safe space for people with all sorts of abilities to come together. Get involved, you won’t regret it 🧡

Something special...
Dan Morris

There aren’t many gyms out there that can provide all the things E-motion do: good people, solid programming, brilliant classes and coaches, varied, top-quality equipment and a safe, fun atmosphere to train in. Whether you’re a beginner or the most advanced athlete, you’ll be welcomed with a smile and all egos are left at the door. Jack and James have created something special, and it is only going to keep getting better. Don’t think twice about getting involved.

Best gym in Dorset
Dan J

The team at E-Motion have created a phenomenal product, this is place is much more than a gym.

I have been attending classes with the team for around two years and have no hesitation in encouraging anyone to join. My fitness levels, motivation and confidence has increased greatly due to the work of the E-motion team. They have continued to make improvements despite the current pandemic which is very impressive and they are about to take it all to new levels in their new gym after Christmas.

Get signed up and join the team!


More than just a Gym

I joined early October in an attempt to boost my mood. This year has been a very peculiar year  and although I was a member at a well know gym which is cheap as chips, I didn’t go. I lost all motivation for fitness and found myself feeling utterly crap! I went to the Doctors a week before joining the gym and was prescribed antidepressants. I decided to give my new routine/ a week with E-Motion a go before starting the meds. I still to this day haven’t needed them. I’m not saying this is a fix for everyone but it certainly helped me. It’s very special and unique what Jack and James have established. It is way more than just a gym!

Best gym in Dorset.
Dan Morris

Jack, James and the team have built, and are continuing to build, something very special in E-motion.

It’s not just a gym – it’s a community based around helping people improve all aspects of their lives.

No matter your level of fitness or experience, there is something for you. The culture of education and support is prevalent throughout, and any of the coaches can, and will, support you where possible.

Alongside the training and culture, there is also a good level of ‘banter’. Not the lad down the pub type, but banter which is supportive and motivational – everyone is included.

With the move to the new gym happening in the coming month, E-motion is somewhere that aspiring athletes, gym-goers and anyone looking to improve their general life, needs to consider as their next training location.

You won’t regret it.

Such a friendly team environment

Jack and James are great coaches who have worked really hard to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Love the focus on community and supporting one another. They have gone above and beyond to keep the E-motion family together during lock down. Great gym!

Amazing culture
Richard Sharp

Jack and James have built a great gym culture that provides training for new comers through to athletes and everyone feels part of the same thing.

The programming and equipment is hoofing and there is always a positive buzz in the sessions.

Cant recommend them highly enough.

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