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CrossFit Spitfire

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Personal Training Support
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Salhouse Road , Norfolk, England NR7 9AQ, United Kingdom
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What can you expect to gain from taking part in the workouts at Spitfire’s Norwich CrossFit Gym?
Increased energy levels!
Improved sleep!
Reduction in body fat!
Toned and shaped body!
Faster in both reactions & movement!
Look, move and feel better in every way!
That is, activities that once were difficult now become easier and more comfortable to complete. CrossFit foundations are built around targeting key fitness areas such as:

Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
Stamina and strength
Power and speed
Flexibility, co-ordination and agility
Balance and accuracy
The aim is to prepare YOU for dealing with life’s challenges – the unknown or unknowable!

Our workouts are constantly varied and therefore you will never do two days the same, two weeks the same or two months the same. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also increases the impact of each workout.

The key to CrossFit’s success is down to not allowing the body get used to the type of activity/training/movement you are regularly performing (keeping the body guessing) therefore by using functional compound movements, which are performed at high intensity and are constantly varied in their duration, movements and repetitions, your body keeps adapting and so you continue to get RESULTS long term!!!

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