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Review: Small Gym with a really big heart

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I’ve been training at CFP for the best part of 3 years now. When I started CrossFit, I compared all the Websites of local CrossFit gyms and felt CFP was the easiest to understand and relate to and I was right.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by one of the coaches, Floyd, Mitch, Sian, Sam. There’s such a family feel that you wouldn’t get at any other gym. It really is home! There’s often music playing, and people patting each other on the back for going full send on a WOD!

The team of coaches all have a range of experience and skills, to enable you to progress. Any question or worry you have the coaches will always out your mind at ease.  The coaches can also provide tips on accessory work to help you reach your goal.

Due to the pandemic, the gym wasn’t able to offer full open gym as well as classes. However the have now bought Open Gym back and Team wods and weightlifting!
Saturdays are something super special. An early morning hit of fitness, with a really positive vibe!

CrossFit Poole isn’t just home, it’s a community. If your looking for a gym which is a really empowering space, CrossFit Poole is the one for you.


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