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Crossfit Poole

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The Project Climbing Centre, Dolphin Centre , Dorset, England BH15 1UD, United Kingdom
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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a globally recognised fitness program, designed with universal scalability, that’s proven to deliver results.
The Program involves constantly varied exercise performed at high intensity (moving large loads, long distances, quickly!).
Using various functional modalities of exercise, for example weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular exercise to improve movement that is essential to life and the 10 components of fitness.

Who is it for?

Everyone! People of all ages, sizes and ability are capable of CrossFitting. We scale load and intensity, we do not change the program. The needs of professional athletes versus our grandparents differ by degree not kind (this is universal scalability!)

What will I achieve?

Expect to get faster, fitter and stronger. Whether your goals are weight loss, gaining muscle, increasing endurance, improving performance or feeling so much better in yourself; the CrossFit program provides unbelievable results!

Expect to be part of a community, team and family. CrossFit combines the social and competitive nature of sport with an exercise program. The gym turns into a competitive playground, where keeping fit and achieving results becomes fun and addictive! CrossFit is “The Sport of Fitness”.

It’s time for something new, get in touch now!

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What are you waiting for!

Great box, amazing people and motivating trainers!

There is zero pressure, but 100% encouragement to be your best. Absolutely love this place ?

Poole Crossfit

Awesome setup with awesome members.

Coached by experienced coaches who live and breathe crossfit.
Each session is planned well and makes you feel like it was worth it, not a wasted session like you feel when you go solo in a commercial gym.
Members and coaches combined create an awesome atmosphere and all egos are left outside of the box.
Can not recommend Crossfit Poole enough!

Although seeing Floyd in his Jort’s can be disturbing!!

Great Gym!

I am a CrossFit beginner and started at CFP completing their foundations course before joining the classes. All the coaches are amazing and have tonnes of knowledge, everyone is super supportive and will help you any way they can inside or outside the gym. Highly recommend!!

Small Gym with a really big heart

I’ve been training at CFP for the best part of 3 years now. When I started CrossFit, I compared all the Websites of local CrossFit gyms and felt CFP was the easiest to understand and relate to and I was right.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by one of the coaches, Floyd, Mitch, Sian, Sam. There’s such a family feel that you wouldn’t get at any other gym. It really is home! There’s often music playing, and people patting each other on the back for going full send on a WOD!

The team of coaches all have a range of experience and skills, to enable you to progress. Any question or worry you have the coaches will always out your mind at ease.  The coaches can also provide tips on accessory work to help you reach your goal.

Due to the pandemic, the gym wasn’t able to offer full open gym as well as classes. However the have now bought Open Gym back and Team wods and weightlifting!
Saturdays are something super special. An early morning hit of fitness, with a really positive vibe!

CrossFit Poole isn’t just home, it’s a community. If your looking for a gym which is a really empowering space, CrossFit Poole is the one for you.

Amazing experience

I am very new to crossfit. But here i have been made to feel very welcome by everyone. The coaches are all awesome and incredibly knowledgeable. Only thing is i wish i had started sooner. If you are not sure about trying crossfit then just come to this box you wont regret it.

High quality coaching

I have been a member of CFP for over 4 years. I absolutely love it.

The coaching is amazing. The focus on technique and quality is the top priority. The coaching team are constantly developing and bringing new ideas from courses they have been on. I feel very safe training there. They have coached me through two pregnancies.

The community feel is amazing. Everyone is welcome. Everyone’s achievements are celebrated. There is an online group for members. This platform is used to provide workouts during the lockdown so the fitness can continue.

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or beginner you should definatly give CrossFit Poole a go!

If you are looking for a new gym in the Poole area then this is the one. Friendly and knowledgable coaches bringing all the fitness and banter. Eve...

If you are looking for a new gym in the Poole area then this is the one. Friendly and knowledgable coaches bringing all the fitness and banter. Even if you are brand new you will always get welcomed by everyone and feel part of the family straight away. I had a break from crossfit due to other commitments but when I wanted to come back to a  box, I knew I didnt need to try any others. Same friendly atmosphere the second time round. Highly recommend you give it a go 🙂

Top Crossfit Box with great coaches and a great community vibe between all menbers (new and old)

Been training here for a few years and the community vibe between owner, coaches and members is amazing, which makes classes really enjoyable.  Also love the constantly varied approach to training and fitness!

Love this community - welcoming and supportive and patient with my inability to remember any instructions - this is not just for the young but the ...

Love this community – welcoming and supportive and patient with my inability to remember any instructions – this is not just for the young but the young at heart – tiptoeing into my 50’s and loving what this place has done for me

Top gym

I started at CFP as a crossfit beginner, but the coaches and members made the experience fun and sociable. It’s a true family feel, easily accessible from public transport and cars, and great value for money. Also got a great online forum exclusive for members.

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