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Complete Active Ringwood

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27 Crow Arch Lane , Hampshire, England BH24 1ND, United Kingdom
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We exist to help you meet your personal goals, not just in the world of fitness but in your everyday. We dedicate ourselves to invest in your well being and tailor each part of your experience with Complete Active to you personally. Our motivation is found in your enthusiasm to reach a better quality of life.

You are not just signing up to work out like in a regular gym. You are you are joining a community. A family of like minded individuals that’ll encourage you to become a better version of yourself. You’ll train hard and love it and be part of a huge social group constantly seeking a good time. On top of that, you’ll become fitter and more capable than ever before whilst being known by every coach and taught to the best possible standard!

Complete Active started with a couple of friends coming together to make their dream a reality. Led by Mark Smallbones, they have created a space for you to feel comfortable yet motivated in achieving your fitness goals. We have now grown to a multisite community with a range of expert trainers to support you if you are recovering from an injury, looking to build strength, get fitter or just see those gains grow. We work collaboratively as a team to guide you on your fitness journey.

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