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Collective Conditioning

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26 Balena Close , Creekmoor, England BH17 7EB, United Kingdom
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Collective conditioning ensures that’s no workout is easier than the last. Pushing you to new limits!

Check out our class times below. These are subject to possible slight changes but we aim to bring you over 35 hours of class time each week, in addition to Open Gym .

Main Class
Our Main Class will be led by experienced, qualified and enthusiastic coaches who will be sure to take you through a great workout whilst motivating, correcting form and encouraging a fun filled hour of exercise. With a holistic approach to fitness our gym’s programming will cover gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance to give you a well rounded workout.

Open Gym
Fancy some additional work on your Clean and Jerk? Or want to nail those double unders? Then pop along to our open gym sessions where you can have the freedom to play, build on previous skills and hit some great workouts. All of our Open Gym sessions will have a coach on site.

Perfect if you want to get that first muscle up or link those handstand push ups. Never been upside down? No problem our coaches will build your confidence in all things gymnastics including various body weight exercises and skills such as toes to bar, pull ups, handstand walking etc.

With concrete floors, lifting platforms and shiny new equipment we cant’t think of a more perfect place to begin or continue your weightlifting journey. These 90 minute sessions will allow you to learn and improve technique whilst surrounded by like minded people. PB’s almost certainly guaranteed!

Team Workout- “Stronger Together”
The perfect session to meet new friends, compete against old ones and then have a coffee or NOCCO afterwards. Our Team workouts are designed to “build our community” getting everyone to work together and most of all to have FUN!

Classes Weekdays – Weights, Gymnastics, Strength, HIIT (approx times) – Average duration 1 hour

7:30 am
9:30 am

Classes Weekends (Approx times)

8:00am Gymnastics (60 minutes)
9:00am Weightlifting (90 minutes)
10:45am Team Workout (90 minutes)


9:00am Weightlifiting (90 minutes)
10:30am ‘Strength class/strongman’ (90minutes)
12:15pm Yoga (60 minutes)

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Great place to train

This is such a great training space. So much equipment and space to train. Great flexibility of classes during the day and at weekends. The classes are a great mix from conditioning, weightlifting, gymnastics & yoga. With lots of opportunity to learn new skills, it’s suitable and welcoming for all levels.

The owners and coaches and really friendly and really knowledgable. That has made the space such a great positive atmosphere for all members and really friendly.

phenomenal gym!

Absolutely incredible place to train! Always look forward to going and seeing lots of friendly faces in this spacious (its big) gym! Along with it being a large space, its so well equipped and high level of cleanliness is kept throughout.
The coaches are knowledgeable, approachable and just super stars at what they do! The programming is second to none, everything on the programe has a purpose and is thoroughly thought out.
The commuity and team spirit here is exceptional. In a small amount of time Collective Conditioning have built something really special with its members and I think I speak for everyone when I say, We LOVE it!

Come and give it a go, whatever level of fitness you are there will be something for you here.


Not sure where to start! Honestly was blown away as soon as I set foot in Collective. It has the “wow” factor that I haven’t found in any other gym locally. So much open space which is great for weightlifting and so much equipment available.

Aside from all of the main classes they also do weightlifting, strongman and things like yoga which are all included in your membership!! I love the team workouts where there are 20+ members all working out together, varying abilities and ages! So much fun

Nick and Hannah work so hard and it can be shown throughout the gym and the community. Members wall so we can all learn each other’s names and changing rooms as well as an awesome online group for members!

Best value gym in town!

Absolutely fantastic gym

Collective Conditioning has everything you could ask for from a gym.

Fantastic, knowledgable coaches, amazing friendly and inclusive community and members, fully decked out with all the equipment you could want and brilliant programming that will really get the best out of you whatever your goals are.

Nick and Hannah are so welcoming to all members, no matter what their background in fitness is or goals or aspirations are…

It may be daunting to step into this type of Gym, but if you want to give it a go, this is the place to do it as everyone makes you feel right at home!

I really cannot recommend them enough…!

Thank you for everything you have done so far and I look forward to all the future training sessions!

Best place I've ever trained

Started at collective when it opened and it’s the best choice I could have made. The facility is amazing, as is the programming. The coaches are so knowledgeable and welcoming. Such a nice atmosphere to all the classes with people cheering eachother on. Real variety of classes on offer morning, evening and throughout the day.

Next Level

I came to Collective Conditioning having felt I’d plateaued in my training. The programming here is next level, and I’m so excited to be working on new things and seeing improvement in such a short space of time.

The coaches are great, each brings a positive feel to the place as do the members. The owners go above and beyond to offer as much as they can, and the facilities are unrivalled in the area. I love the variety within the weekly timetable, my motivation is back!

Couldn’t ask for more 🙂


Top Coaching. Amazing gym. Great Atmosphere. Collective Conditioning is awesome <3 #strongertogether


I love CC – soooo many classes to choose, great coaches, fab members and parking outside is a bonus. I also like how you know the training programme in advance so you can plan your week – although I tend to want to do them all so feel a little addicted! A fab box with all you could need.

Collective conditioning

I started as a complete beginner to CrossFit when I joined CC just two months ago, I feel I’ve come a long way since joining and learnt so much. The facilities are great, the coaches are very good at what they do and help every member in every way they can. The variety of classes offered and times is amazing and is worth the price you’re paying. I would definitely recommend collective conditioning to everyone whether you’re a beginner or just looking to change boxes. CC is the place to be!

First class facility, coaching and community

First class, spacious facility like you see in the U.S. with top level coaching. Great class timetable 7 days a week for all levels of ability and they even let you try a class before you decide if you want to join….not that you won’t!

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