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BodyBurn Oxford

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22 Titup Hall Drive , Headington, England OX3 8QF, United Kingdom
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Hi I’m Jen, your instructor! I’ve been teaching dance and fitness for years and I’m also the founder of Raw Diva – commercial dance classes based in Oxford (*shameless dance class plug!).

Health and Fitness is my passion; it takes hard work and dedication but when you start feeling fitter and stronger and seeing the results of exercise there’s no better feeling! Being fit doesn’t mean aiming to look skinny and restricting what you eat – trust me, I LOVE food! We all know deep down what is good for us, but sometimes it’s really difficult to make that happen on your own. That’s where I come in! I’m here to help you achieve your goals – whether that’s to lose weight, tone your body or increase your fitness levels – I will motivate and support you!

The classes are designed to be hard work but really fun. You’ll go home sweaty and tired – but happy, I promise! (If you don’t believe me, read the lovely reviews). I always show modifications to each exercise in class, that way it doesn’t matter how fit you may/may not be – there’s always an option to suit your ability!

I understand how a lot of women feel about exercise; there tends to be 3 stages:

1. Before exercise = I don’t want to do this.

2. During exercise = I can’t do this.

3. After exercise = I am an elite athlete capable of anything, Athena herself has blessed me.

Any instructor who tells you that they don’t experience the above is a fibber. I’m human – sometimes I don’t want to work out either, so I can relate! Together, we’ll get the job done, have a giggle (banter is on point at BodyBurn!) and then go home feeling like the Goddesses we are.

So come and exercise with me in a relaxed environment alongside an army of supportive women. Girl power comes as standard – I only roll with Goddesses after all 😉

See you in class beauties! x

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